Enjoy the Easy Way to Castrate Bulls

Fast, easy, cost-effective and easier on the 'bulls'.
InoSol Co. LLC in El Centro, California, understands how much work and effort goes into processing cattle. For that reason, we designed a castration tool for sterilizing bulls that drastically reduces the time and cost that goes into the processing procedure.

How to Use the California Bander

The "California Bander" is our castration tool. It is a simple, clean, and a cost-effective tool for cattlemen and veterinarians across the nation. It is supplied by various farm supply companies.

Roll up a towel to simulate the scrotal sack. The bands arrive pre-assembled and are easy to use. 

To use the California Bander:
Step 1
castration tools
Begin By Slipping the Left Hand In the Tool.
With the Right Hand, Place the Clip Of the Band Into the Slot Of the Tool.
Step 2
Step 3
castration tool
Hold the Free End of the Band Between the First and Second Fingers of the Left Hand. Grasp the Scrotal Sac and Hold the Tool Firmly Against It.
With Your Right Hand, Reach Around the Scrotal Sac and Grab the Free End of the Rubber Tubing. Stretch the Band a Little Downward and Away From Yourself With About 14 to 17 Pounds Of Pull Or Until There Is No More Free Stretch.
Step 4
pull castration tool
Step 5
bull balls coming off
Pull the Stretched Band Around the Scrotal Sac.
Lock the Band Into the Clip By Pulling the Stretched Band Down the Center Slot All the Way To the Bottom. When the Clip Is Down, Pull the Band to the Right Corner Of the "T" Slot On the Clip to Lock It. Be Sure to Keep the Band Fully Stretched As You Pull It Around.
Step 6
castration tool
Step 7
bull balls coming off
Release the Clip From the Tool By Slightly Tipping It Backward. This Will Leave the Band With the Clip Attached On the Scrotal Sac. The Rubber Tube Does Not Need to Come Off. If You Can Fit Your Finger In Between the Band And the Scrotal Sac, You Do Not Have the Band Tight Enough.

Advantages of Delayed Castration

Delayed castration allows you to take advantage of the testosterone that naturally helps young bulls grow faster. Research shows that if you leave bull calves intact, they will typically gain 15% faster and will also convert feed 20% more efficiently than steer calves. The banding process is less stressful, especially when used on more mature animals.
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